Landscape Supplies Calculator

Calculate How Much You Will Need.

At Forsters Landscape Supplies, we sell all of our landscape materials by volume, whether we deliver to your home or you pick it up in a trailer.

To use our calculator just measure the area (in metres), including the depth (in cm). For Mulches, we recommend about 6 cm depth and Composts 2-4 cm which will then be blended into your current soil.

Any problems – please give us a call!

Concrete Pre Mix on Spade

Average Trailer Size

  • While there are numerous trailer sizes, our calculator uses the following standard size.
  • 1.25m Width x 1.85m Length x 30cm Deep
  • This equals about 0.69 Cubic Metre or just under one Cubic Yard (0.9).


  • Our calculator will (optionally) give an approximate weight – simply use the drop-down menu to select the supply type.
  • The density of our supplies can vary between batches and the season, with moisture making a noticeable difference.

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