Autumn Gardening In Adelaide

The perfect time to be outdoors.

Whether you are looking to start a new landscape project or give the garden a bit of much-needed attention after a hot Summer, Autumn presents the perfect opportunity to be outside.





Our Autumn Gardening Suggestions

With the strength of the summer heat diminishing Autumn presents the perfect opportunity to spend time in the garden and get a new landscape project underway without sweltering in the Summer sun.

While the days are starting to get cooler, there is still plenty of warmth in the soil. This makes it an ideal time to plant, with the occasional shower also putting some much-needed moisture in the ground. So get outdoors and enjoy the milder weather before Winter sets in with our suggestions for the coming months.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or pop in for a chat. At the bottom of this article, we have created a hand collection of Autumn landscape products for you to explore.

Revive a Neglected Garden Area.

It does not take long for a garden to get away from you, so with Autumn comes a glorious time of the year to do some restorative jobs.

Start by removing all of the weeds that have survived through Summer. Give larger established plants a prune (as appropriate) and potentially look at adding a couple of new ones if you have a bare spot or two.

Apply a layer of Jeffries Organic Compost around the base of each plant and work it into the existing soil taking care not to damage the roots.

Finish with a nice thick layer of mulch across the garden. Again, focus on providing a generous cover around the base of each plant.

This type of project can probably be done over a few quiet weekends and will transform the look of a neglected garden area – especially with the right choice of mulch.

Fortunately, Forsters have an extensive range of mulches to choose from, so you will not have any issues finding one that matches your garden perfectly.

A handy tip for established gardens where working-in compost can be challenging is to use Jeffries Recovery Mulch. In essence, it’s a blend of mulch with additional organic nutrients and will provide many of the benefits of composting and mulch in one convenient product.

Lawn Top Dressing and Fertilising

Autumn is a perfect time to feed the lawn. As you would have noticed, the growth of your grass is slowing down and you will no longer need to mow it every week! However, the roots are still growing strong with the soil remaining warm.

Using a slow-release fertiliser now will help develop a robust root system and thicker grass long term.

It’s also a perfect time to patch up those problem areas that are looking a bit worse for wear with a layer of top dressing, potentially along with some lawn seed. Doing this now will help keep your lawn area level, and any new growth will require less manual watering with Winter on the way.

Don’t forget to remove fallen leaves from your lawn regularly as they will deprive the lawn of light and create brown patches.


Autumn’s the perfect time of year to plant – particularly trees, shrubs and perennials. With the soil being both warm and moist, new plants will have an easier time establishing new root systems. The hard work done now will pay off next spring with those plants having close to 6 months to settle in and be ready for their first spring growth spurt.

When it comes to planting we have a range of soils, composts and mulches that are perfect for both seedlings and larger potted plants – in particular, check out our range of soils from Jeffries.

Vegetable Beds

Now is the ideal time to start planning for your winter crops to ensure you get a great harvest.

If you are looking to build a new vegetable garden bed, then Jeffries makes it simple with their Garden and Veggie Soil, which has been designed specifically for garden beds. It is a loose, free-draining soil that is high in organic nutrients.

On the other hand, if you only need to refresh a garden patch after finishing the summer vegetables then now is the time to blend in some compost to break up the soil and mix in essential nutrients before your winter crop.

Mulch For Your Garden

Mulch is one of your garden’s best friends, and we feel there are two perfect times to provide your garden with a fresh layer.

The first is in Spring or early Summer, giving your plants a protective layer to reduce moisture loss and to minimise temperature fluctuations.

The second is in Autumn before the Winter months. We believe that prevention is best and a good layer of mulch now will help to minimise the number of weeds that will appear over winter, making gardening in spring just that little bit easier.

When the rains do come having a thick layer of mulch will help minimise erosion and loss of valuable soil nutrients. The mulch will also have a chance to start breaking down – providing essential nutrients for the next spring growing season.

At Forsters Landscaping Supplies we have a vast selection of mulches (about eight at the last count !). If you’re unsure as to which is the best one for your garden project, then don’t hesitate to contact us and we will lend a hand.

Some Handy Autumn Product Links

To revive a garden area check out Jeffries Organic Compost and Jeffries Recovery Mulch

For lawn top dressing check out our 80/20 Sandy Loam

For planting, check out our Jeffries Special Soil

For vegetable gardens check out our Jeffries Garden and Veggie Soil and Organic Compost

For mulch, check out our range of Mulches


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