Jeffries Recover Mulch 50 L Bag

Jeffries Recover Mulch 50 Litre Bag

Jeffries Recover Mulch is more than just a mulch. Contains Jeffries Organic Compost and is boosted with Blood and Bone, increasing nitrogen, phosphorous and calcium – three vital nutrients for plant growth. Perfect for established gardens where digging compost into the soil may be difficult.

Your garden will benefit from Jeffries Recover Mulch when you want to protect your plants from mulch with the added benefit of improving the soil with extra nutrients.

It also provides your garden with an attractive dark finish while suppressing weed growth and improving water retention.

Pricing – $18.50 per Bag.

Please call for a quote. We will ensure you order the correct quantity and will also quote on delivery costs if required.

Please check that this product is suitable for your requirements before ordering.

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